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Our Story

We are a Non Goverment not for profit (charitable) organization serving the marginalized, hearing impaired children, individuals and their families. We strive to meet their physical, spiritual, educational, and pyscho-social needs to empower them to reach their full potential and actively participate in their families and the wider community.
Hear His Voice Uganda has tailored programs to address the unique needs of deaf children that are using hearing technologies like cochlea implants and hearing aids to hear.
The programs are geared towards Auditory Verbal Re/habilitation in language, communication, academic and social skills and enable them to be integrated into the main-stream lifestyle and school with their hearing peers. Our programs also focus on supporting parents and care-givers in managing deaf chidren in order to attain their full potential.

Our Vision

To empower every child and individual with hearing loss to attain full potential and to live Independent and productive lives in the community.

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Our Mission

To promote and offer early diagnosis and management of Hearing Loss among children and individuals so that they can actively participate in normal life without stigma.

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Our Goal

To Create, Advance, Implement and Lobby for a transformative environment for people with hearing loss to attan their full potential.

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More Services

We Offer The Following Services


Comprehensive Auditory Verbal/Speech therapy using LSL approach.

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Cochlear implant candidacy and counselling.

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Hearing Aids

Fitting free hearing aids.

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Educational Services

Education services for deaf children using cochlear implants or hearing aids..

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Physiotherapy and psychological therapy.

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Family Support And Counselling

Family Support and counselling..

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Our Objectives


Rehabilitation Of Children with Hearing Loss

Involves Teachng Children With hearing loss to listen and be able to communicate by immersing them in intensive Speech therapy 5 days a week twice a day on 1:1 and group sessions. The speech therapist gives the parents or care-givers weekly targets that must be followed and reported upon. The approach trains children through intensive speech and language therapy to enable them to learn and to listen, comprehend and speak verbally.


Academic and cognitive Learning

A centered teaching approach that puts students as a whole person at the center and enables them to be innovative and self-motivated to achieve their academic goals. The Learning involves tutoring children in a classroom environment by teachers who are well trained to develop each individual student from where they are to full potential.”


Family and caregivers support

The intervation area uses a multipronged approach in supporting families and sibligs of children with hearing loss. The approaches ranges from but no limited to: Counseling, mentoring & coaching on how to work with their chidren at home as well as peer support network strengthening. This is a very critical area in rehabiitation of children with hearing loss.


Auditory Services

Children are tested daily for the ling sounds and their assistive devices are checked everyday Those which need troubeshooting are worked on as there is an onsite audiologist. The Centre fits hearing aids for children free of charge, priority given to enrolled chidren at the centre. Parents are only required to pay foor ear molds.

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World Hearing Day

by Hear His Voice Uganda Jan 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm News

On 5th March 2018, Hear His Voice Uganda managed to organize the 1st World Hearing Day Celebration of its kind in Uganda and East Africa as a whole and this impacted through the Commissioner Emergency Medical Services from the Ministry Of Health who represented the Parmanent Secretary to awaken the Government about the Hearing challenges that we are facing in Uganda. This motivated the government to place an order to all the referral hospitals in Ugnada to start doing early child screening.”


Cochlea Implants

by Hear His Voice Uganda Jan 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm News

This Year as being our first year in service, we have managed to get 5 cochlear implanted candidates who have successfully managed to go through the surgeries successfully and they are now under rehabiitation at our Center and a lot of progress is observed in these newly implanted candidates.

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