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Hear His Voice (HHV) Uganda is a Not for Profit Organization

Hear His Voice (HHV) Uganda is a Not for Profit Organization registered with the Uganda Registration Service Bureau under registration number No: 80020000155805 and with the NGO bureau under registration number 2249 and permit number 2919. This work started in August 2016 with mobilization of families, parents and care givers of hearing impaired children using hearing technology like hearing aids and Cochlear implants. This resulted into the formation a strong Parents group spear heading the family support and advocacy program of Hear His Voice Uganda. These families meet on a monthly basis for fellowship, family support and training in various areas concerning hearing loss.


Our Vision is "to empower every child and individual with hearing loss to attain their full potential and to live independent and productive lives in the community”


Hear His Voice Uganda exists “to promote and offer early diagnosis and management of hearing loss among children and individuals so that they can actively participate in a normal life without stigma.”


Our Goal is to Create, Advance, Implement and Lobby for a transformative environment for people with hearing loss to attain full potential.



Establish, strengthen and empower parents support groups of children with hearing loss to fight stigma and advocate for their children.

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Rehabilitation Services

Promote and provide Re/habilitation services to significantly reduce the impact of deafness on children and individuals with hearing loss so that they can intelligibly communicate using spoken language.

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Education and Empowerment Services

Promote and provide educational and empowerment services to make a hearing-speaking life for people with hearing loss more manageable.

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Research and documentation

Conduct Research & documentation to facilitate evidence based advocate for holistic and favorable policies for children and individuals with hearing loss.

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Economic and psycho-social empowerment

Provide and promote economic and psycho-social empowerment for hearing impaired children and individuals and their families.

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Funding Of HHV Uganda

The organization shall be able to solicit, raise, accept and receive funds by way of fundraising, contributions, donations, grants, legacies, subscription fees and contribution from members, fees and charges from services, facilities and other incomes from activities approved by the Board. Proceeds from its own properties or products sold for consideration, loans, bank overdrafts, wills from members and well-wishers and other lawful methods in the interest of the organization and for the attainment of its cardinal objectives. However, the organization shall not accept funds from any source that may bring into doubt the principles of her integrity.

How you can support the noble course of HHV Uganda?


By giving financially through donations and grants or in-kind.


By giving Moral Support to children and families


By Sponsoring children for CI/HA or Rehabilitation


Become a member of the Parents Association


Volunteering at the Early Learning and Intervention and Centre


Ear Care and Management Centre

In partnership with Makerere University, The Rotary Club of Kololo and the Rotary Club of Westminster Vancouver Canada we are establishing a one stop centre for all ear care and management of hearing loss at Makerere University Hospital.

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Hosted USA Ambassador to Uganda

July 4th we hosted the USA ambassador to Uganda her excellence Deborah Malac She stopped by and shared with parents and children with hearing loss at the Rehabilitation Centre in Ntinda.

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Tele Mapping for all Nucleus clients

In partnership with Cochlear Cooperation, we continue to avail Tele Mapping for all Nucleus clients on regular basis free of charge. This is something that clients used to travel for to India or the UK or the US to receive mapping services.

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