Hear His Voice Uganda is an organization working with children with hearing loss
who are using cochlear implants to hear and the vision is to empower every
child and individual with hearing loss to attain their full potential and to live
independent and productive lives in the community. This is done through AVT
(Auditory Verbal Therapy) and AVEd (Auditory Verbal Education) by the
teacher, speech therapist, and Audiologist together with parents of children
using cochlea and this promotes teamwork and effective communication as
the 4 focus on the same goals for the child.

This has improved communication skills whereby deaf children can also have
the opportunity to express their feelings through spoken language, children can
also continue with their academics in normal schools without difficulty because
they can hear and talk.

Am so proud to be part of Hear His Voice Uganda as a teacher and I feel happy
when I hear children talking to me. Just to hear their voices calling teacher
Grace really makes me proud because this is a journey but it’s a beautiful
journey when the 4 people are always on the same page.
My advice to all parents of children with hearing loss is that the earlier the better
all our children can live normal lives through spoken language.

Tr. Namuwaya Grace
Supper Upper Class