Parent – Family Support and Counselling

Parent & Family Support

Welcome to Hear His Voice Uganda’s Parent & Family Support service! We understand the unique challenges and concerns that parents face when raising deaf children or children with hearing difficulties. Our dedicated team at HHVU is here to provide comprehensive support, encompassing physical, emotional, psychological, and therapeutic assistance to help you navigate this journey with confidence and empowerment.

Physical Support:
We believe that physical support is essential in creating an inclusive and nurturing environment for children with hearing impairment. Our experienced professionals work closely with parents, offering guidance on communication techniques, such as sign language and lip reading, that can be used to establish effective communication with their children. We provide hands-on training and practical resources to ensure that parents feel equipped to support their child’s physical needs.

Emotional and Psychological Support:
At HHVU, we recognize the emotional and psychological impact that raising a child with hearing impairment can have on parents and the entire family. Our dedicated team is here to provide a safe and supportive space where parents can share their concerns, fears, and triumphs. We offer individual counseling sessions and support groups where parents can connect with others who are going through similar experiences. Through these platforms, parents can find solace, gain new perspectives, and develop coping mechanisms to navigate the emotional challenges they may encounter.

Therapeutic Support:
We offer a range of therapeutic services designed to enhance the overall well-being of both parents and children. Our team includes qualified therapists who specialize in working with children with hearing difficulties. We provide individual therapy sessions for children, focusing on speech and language development, auditory training, and social skills. Additionally, we offer therapy sessions for parents, addressing their specific needs, such as stress management, self-care, and coping strategies.

Guidance and Counseling:
Navigating the complexities of raising a child with hearing impairment requires guidance and support. Our team of professionals offers personalized guidance and counseling to parents, helping them understand their child’s unique needs, access appropriate educational resources, and make informed decisions about their child’s future. We are committed to empowering parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to advocate for their child’s rights and ensure their overall well-being.

Advice on Care and Parenting:
At HHVU, we strive to be a reliable resource for parents seeking advice on caring for and parenting children with hearing difficulties. Our experienced team provides comprehensive information on topics such as early intervention strategies, assistive technologies, educational options, and inclusive recreational activities. We are dedicated to equipping parents with the necessary knowledge and skills to create an environment that fosters their child’s development and growth.

Hear His Voice Uganda’s Parent & Family Support service is designed to ensure that parents of deaf children or children with hearing difficulties receive the support they need. Our aim is to empower parents, strengthen family bonds, and facilitate the holistic growth and development of each child. We invite you to join our supportive community and embark on a transformative journey of love, understanding, and acceptance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you and your family on this extraordinary path or CLICK HERE to become a member of our parents group.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

A soon as possible.

For infants , whose hearing loss is diagonised  by three months after birth and rehabilitation started by six  months of age, it is possible to develop speech and language similar to those with normal hearing.

Any delay will affect the speech and hearing of your child.

Have your child’s ear and hearing tested at the nearest health care center or clinic. Usually ENT doctors and audiologists can check ears and hearing. If you are not sure where to go, ask a local health worker or doctor for guidance.

  Hearing can tested at all ages. New born babies can be tested within a few days of birth. Children up to the age of 5 years can have their hearing checked using;

  • Otoacoustic Emission (OAE)
  • Audiotory Brainstem response testing (ABR)
  • Behaviour observation audiometry (BOA)

In children over the age five, hearing can be checked using a pure tone audiometry test.

Make sure that when you are speaking to your child you;

  • Face him/her
  • are in a well lit house so that the child can see your lips and expressions
  • keep the background noise low or move to a quiet place
  • speak clearly and slowly
  • do not shout