A Life Transformed with a Cochlear Implant

July 21, 2023 4 Comments

Overcoming Hearing Impairment and Inspiring Change

In the face of adversity, stories of hope and transformation often emerge. One such remarkable journey is that of Elaine Asaba’awebwa, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mukaaya. Born with hearing impairment due to complications at birth and excessive medication, Elaine’s life took an unexpected turn. Determined to give their daughter a chance to hear again, the Mukaaya family embarked on a life-changing journey to the United States of America, where they encountered a miracle worth Shs500m.

The Pursuit of a Miracle
The Mukaaya family set foot on American soil in search of professional and specialized treatment for Elaine’s hearing impairment. Numerous tests and procedures followed, and it was during this time that they discovered a glimmer of hope. When the first implant was switched on, Elaine’s world was forever transformed as she could finally hear. By 2012, a second implant had been successfully installed, further enhancing her ability to experience sound.

Dr. Lee from Massachussets Eye and Ear Hospital and Elaine in the recovery room after one of the procedures.

Inspiration to Make a Difference
Elated by their daughter’s progress and driven by gratitude, Mr. Eddie Mukaaya was inspired to bring change back home to Uganda. He realized the pressing need to raise awareness about children with hearing loss, impairment, and deafness. Moreover, he recognized the importance of supporting parents and families who were facing similar challenges. With an unwavering determination, the Mukaayas returned to Uganda, ready to make a difference.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles
The couple’s journey was not without financial obstacles. In their quest for the cochlear implant procedure, they discovered that it wasn’t available locally. They had to travel to the USA, which came with a hefty price tag of $60,000 (approximately ugx. 200m). Through the support of friends and family, they managed to raise the necessary funds to cover the medical expenses and post-operative care. However, the financial journey did not end there, as the annual maintenance, service, and repair costs of the implants amounted to over $4000.

Elaine With her her Father in the US
Elaine all grown up with her Father Eddie Mukaaya

The Impact of Medication and Hope Restored
Elaine’s hearing loss was a result of the medications she had been taking since early childhood. At 18 months old, her hearing began to deteriorate rapidly. Initial attempts with recommended hearing aids were unsuccessful, leaving the family disheartened. However, in 2008, a visiting doctor from the US provided a glimmer of hope. He identified Elaine as an ideal candidate for a cochlear implant and generously offered his professional services for free. Additionally, he connected the Mukaayas with a cochlear implant supplier in Nairobi, who graciously donated one implant.

Spreading Awareness and Offering Support
Armed with their transformative experience and a newfound sense of purpose, Mr. Eddie Mukaaya and his family set out to create change in Uganda. They became passionate advocates for children with hearing impairments, deafness, and their families. Through Hear His Voice Uganda (HHVU), they spread awareness, provided resources, and offered support to parents navigating similar journeys. Their mission was to bridge the gap in understanding, promote early intervention, and empower individuals to embrace and support children with hearing impairments.

Elaine Asaba’awebwa’s journey from hearing impairment to restored hearing serves as an inspiring example of resilience and determination. The Mukaaya family’s pursuit of a Shs500m miracle not only changed their daughter’s life but also ignited a movement to bring hope to countless families in Uganda. Their commitment to spreading awareness and providing support through HHVU showcases the power of compassion and the extraordinary impact that can be achieved through unwavering dedication.

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