Hear His Voice Uganda’s Foundational Auditory Verbal Therapy Training 2023

August 19, 2023 0 Comments

In the tranquil setting of Nob View Hotel, Uganda, a transformative event unfolded from the 7th to the 14th of August 2023. Hear His Voice Uganda (HHVU), a beacon of hope for children with hearing loss, organized a groundbreaking training initiative that brought together experts and professionals in the field of Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT). This foundational training not only expanded participants’ knowledge but also laid the cornerstone for a future where children with hearing loss can thrive through effective communication.

Central to this training were experts who have dedicated their careers to Auditory Verbal Therapy. Foremost among them was Rosie Gardener, a pioneer in the field, renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to helping children with hearing loss achieve spoken communication. Alongside Rosie were other seasoned professionals who added their unique insights, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

Rosie Gardener doing her presentation at the foundational training.
The Essence of Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)

Auditory Verbal Therapy is a family-centered approach that harnesses the power of hearing and the brain’s remarkable plasticity to teach children with hearing loss to listen and speak. This transformative therapy focuses on equipping children with the tools they need to communicate effectively in a hearing world.

Foundational Training: A Deeper Dive

The Hear His Voice Uganda’s foundational training in AVT was an immersive experience that covered a wide array of topics:

  1. Early Intervention Importance: Participants delved into the critical role of early intervention in maximizing a child’s auditory potential.

  2. Auditory Development: The training explored the stages of auditory development and how AVT can facilitate a child’s journey towards sound recognition and speech.

  3. Family-Centered Approach: A cornerstone of AVT, this approach emphasizes the family’s role in the child’s communication development. Participants learned strategies to actively involve parents in the therapy process.

  4. Techniques and Strategies: Practical techniques were shared to stimulate auditory awareness and promote language development.

  5. Technology and Listening Devices: Experts shed light on the latest advancements in hearing technology and how they can be integrated into AVT.

  6. Assessment and Progress Monitoring: Participants gained insights into evaluating a child’s progress and tailoring therapy accordingly.

A Pathway to Empowerment

The fundamental training provided a platform for professionals to hone their skills and deepen their understanding of Auditory Verbal Therapy. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools, participants emerged ready to create a profound impact on the lives of children with hearing loss and their families.

Hear His Voice Uganda’s foundational training in Auditory Verbal Therapy at Nob View Hotel in August 2023 was a remarkable convergence of expertise and dedication. As participants returned to their respective roles armed with newfound insights and strategies, the ripple effects of this training will undoubtedly contribute to a future where children with hearing loss can embrace the joy of effective communication, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive world.

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