The Hear Me Concert 2023

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Hear Me Concert 2023: A Celebration of Love and Triumph for Children with Hearing Loss

Parents and Children dancing together at the Hear Me Concert

In a heartwarming and inspiring event, Hear His Voice Uganda (HHVU) organized the “Hear Me Concert” on December 9, 2023, at Kitante Primary School. This remarkable gathering served as a celebration of love, testimony, and resilience for children with hearing loss. The concert was a testament to the strength and spirit of these children, showcasing their talents and abilities in a spectacular display of performances.

Unforgettable Performances:

The evening was illuminated by powerful performances and mesmerizing choreography, both in group and individual settings. The children took center stage, defying stereotypes and showcasing their incredible talents. The audience was treated to a breathtaking tribute to traditional dances of Uganda, which added a cultural flair to the event and highlighted the richness of Uganda’s heritage.

The concert wasn’t just about entertainment; it was a platform for children with hearing loss to triumphantly share their stories and talents. The event aimed to break down barriers and challenge misconceptions surrounding hearing impairment. By doing so, it empowered these children to embrace their abilities and shatter societal stereotypes.

Director’s Gratitude:

Mr. Eddie Mukaaya, the dedicated director of HHVU, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support. In a touching moment, he acknowledged the crucial role parents play in the lives of children with hearing loss. Their support not only fosters a sense of belonging but also provides a foundation for these children to thrive. During his address, Mr. Mukaaya urged parents with children facing hearing loss and impairment to seek help and support from organizations like HHVU and other hearing centers. He emphasized the importance of early intervention and the positive impact it can have on a child’s development. By reaching out to such centers, parents can access valuable resources and connect with a supportive community dedicated to the well-being of children with hearing challenges.


Community Building:

The “Hear Me Concert” went beyond being a mere musical event; it was a celebration of unity and community. Parents, caregivers, and supporters came together to share in the joy and achievements of these remarkable children. This sense of community is invaluable, as it fosters understanding and breaks down the isolation that families with children facing hearing challenges may experience.


The “Hear Me Concert” organized by Hear His Voice Uganda was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on all those who attended. It not only celebrated the talents of children with hearing loss but also served as a call to action for greater awareness and support. Through music, dance, and testimonials, the event created a space where love, understanding, and triumph could flourish. As we reflect on this inspirational evening, we are reminded that every child, regardless of their hearing abilities, deserves to be heard, celebrated, and supported on their journey to success.

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